Hyacinthoides NonScripta.

Hyacinthoides NonScripta, (Common Bluebell) Castle Eden Dene, County Durham, 17 April 2017. Raceme 4- to 16-flowered, drooping at tip, unilateral; bracts paired, bluish, the lower linear-lanceolate, longer than pedicel, the upper smaller; whole inflorescence sometimes bracteate. Flowers 10-28 mm in diameter, erect in bud, nodding when fully open, bell shaped, scented; pedicels 3-10 mm, afterwards elongating to about 30 mm and becoming erect. Perianth segments 14-20 * 3-4.5 mm, violet-blue with darker midrib, rarely pink or white, oblong, more or less parallel and erect so that the lower part of the flower appears cylindrical, rounded-obtuse and recurved at apex.


Extra virgin trance. Export of Europe. Be southern. Be olive. https://beatsolive.com

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