Chrysosplenium oppositifolium.

Chrysosplenium oppositifolium, (Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage). Castle Eden Dene, County Durham, 27 March 2017. Leaves opposite; lamina of lower 1-2 cm, medium green on upper surface, paler beneath, subrotund, rounded-obtuse at apex, entire or shallowly sinuate-dentate, broadly cuneate to truncate at base, often shortly decurrent, with scattered, adpressed eglandular hairs on upper surface, the petioles as long as or shorter than the lamina; those of the stems 1-3 pairs, smaller, on shorter petioles and usually glabrous. Bracts similar to leaves, bright greenish-yellow, smaller and decreasing upwards. Flowers 4-7. 2n = 42.

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