Aesculus hippocastanum.

Aesculus hippocastanum, (Horse Chestnut). Castle Eden Dene, County Durham, 17 April 2017. Leaves opposite; lamina 8-30(-40) * 25-30 cm and obovate in outline, palmate; leaflets (3-)5-7, 8-35(-46) * 3-18(-29) cm, dark green with pale veins on upper surface, paler beneath with even paler veins, quickly turning yellow, gold or orange, rarely red, then brown in mid-September to early November, obovate-oblanceolate or oblanceolate, rounded to a cuspidate apex, irregularly crenate-dentate to deeply and jaggedly serrate-dentate, long attenuate at base, sessile, with minute glandular hairs on veins, otherwise glabrous on upper surface, with numerous, very short simple eglandular hairs on the veins and scattered on the surface with tufts of hairs in the vein axils beneath, often glabrescent, the veins 10-30 pairs; petiole 3-25(-36) cm, pale green tinted reddish-brown, glabrous.

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